Your family needs educators delivering fresh STEM activities to your computer on repeat. With each step-by-step activity housed in a digital community with video instructions. Led by black and brown STEM professionals who inspire kids to get invested in their own learning!

You will stop at nothing to set your child up for the brightest future possible.

But you've searched every corner of the internet and can't find:

  • Affordable yet high-quality STEM instructors

  • That offer exciting play for curious kids

  • And allow you to vet for diversity before investing

Introducing The Lab Rascals Experience

The Lab Rascals Experience is a membership-based camp providing monthly, hands-on STEM lessons. Labs are available for your kid 24/7. Video instruction and loads of fun experiments housed inside a secure virtual hub. Here, learning from black and brown STEM professionals isn't only celebrated. It's the norm! Your child can dream big about their future by practicing exciting STEM skills now.


Positive learning space for kids of color

Shaunel (Parent)

“Remi made me laugh with her description of what a virus looks like. You do amazing work and thank you so much for creating a positive space and learning advice for kids of color.”

Exciting way to learn!

Tanya (homeschool parent)

“Thank you for an amazing Human Body experience with Club Lab Rascals. We absolutely loved it. From the lesson plans and special guests and especially the experience was fabulous. This experience gave the kids so much opportunity to learn about their own body. Thank you”


“Really enjoy the representation they provide. It’s important for kids to see someone who looks like them in order to say “wow, I can do that too”. My child was so inspired to see a weather woman who looked like her that she studied the guest meteorologist for hours before giving her own presentation reporting weather as a junior meteorologist in Club Lab Rascals. It has really opened up possibilities to her. She was so excited.

The Lab Rascals Experience is Perfect for

  • Kindergarten-5th graders

  • Homeschoolers

  • Households with multi-aged children

  • Homeschool Co-ops

  • Learning Enrichment Centers

Who should pass up on this offer

  • Children under 5 years

  • Parents looking for a one-on-one class

  • Individuals uncomfortable in diverse and inclusive environments

Membership Options

Save 20% when you sign up for our Annual Membership!


  • What happens after I purchase a membership?

    After membership you will have access to the course where the first week (2 labs) will be available. Each week 2 new labs will be available.

  • I live in another country. Can my child still participate?

    Yes, but all content is in English.

  • I have more than one child. Do I have to pay for membership for each of them?

    No, our membership is per household. Share the fun for all for the price of 1.

  • My child no longer likes membership. What is the cancellation policy?

    You can cancel monthly membership at anytime, to stop billing the following month. You will not be refunded for courses that are prepaid. Annual memberships are not able to be cancelled.

  • My child has special needs. Will this benefit them?

    Our program explore learning.

  • What device is needed to be a part of membership?

    Computer or Tablet