Where we started

Walk through the doors of any science lab, hospital, or Silicon Valley behemoth and you’ll notice a huge problem: Less than 8% of the employees are people of color! With more than 17.3 million science, technology, engineering, and math jobs in the U.S. alone, such low minority representation was startling to Lab Rascals Founder and supermom, Tondalaya (Tee) Takapu.

We are Curiosity Curators.

We help elementary-aged kids cultivate their inner genius with our hands-on STEM programs and curriculum. We build confidence and excitement for the STEM field by providing early exposure to STEM subjects, so kids not intimidated by academic challenges. Our club inspires our members to be doctors, scientists, engineers, and more. Our diverse group of campers is ensuring the next generation of Black and brown STEM professionals will not be the only ones in the room.

Our Mission

We're creating a world where the solutions to humanity's biggest challenges come from a more colorful pool of innovative minds. Our work ensures that the next generation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BiPOC) professionals confidently think up the unimaginable, create the unthinkable, and never get used being "the only one in the room".


  • Physics

  • Meteorology

  • Chemistry

  • Engineering: Renewal Energy

  • Human Biology

Our Method

We use a themed curriculum allowing children to easily comprehend various elements of science, technology, engineering, and math that conventional learning calls “challenging.” Each of our modules covers a specific standard from Next Generation Science Standards, spelling out objectives plain and simple.

  • We infuse fun into education with unforgettable learning experiences

  • We help Black and brown kids gain STEM skills that are sometimes unavailable and unaffordable

  • We help parents introduce their kids to advanced academic topics that can be very hard to teach otherwise

  • We motivate children to confidently explore new subjects and stay curious

  • We educate the world about the representation gap in the STEM field while making space for measurable and engaging solutions