Teaching science at home just got way easier, so much cooler, and super colorful!

Start using our video-led, kinesthetic-based science courses so you can chillax a bit while kids roll up their sleeves, learn and explore. Suitable for Grades K-5.

Why choose Lab Rascals for Homeschool?

  • Exciting and advanced lessons help kids pay attention and willingly delve deeper into any topic put in front of them.

  • Focus on learning comprehension through thematic lessons, hands-on activities, and culturally forward worksheets.

  • Science-backed curriculum (Next Generation Science Standards)

  • Religion-free. We believe religion should be taught at parent’s discretion, so you won’t catch us mentioning it ever.

  • Each course is researched and developed by a homeschool mom working 18+ years in STEM

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Why Homeschool Families Rave Over Club Lab Rascals Science Courses

  • Based on the course theme, Black and brown STEM professionals serve as guest hosts who give your child insider knowledge and perspective on their field of work and expertise.

  • Seeing smiling Black and brown faces of all ages in a healthy, advanced learning environment is what keeps our homeschool families excited, engaged and always coming back for more!

  • Because courses are pre-recorded, you can slide science anywhere in your  schedule and give your kids a top-notch educational experience at any hour.

Need Help Deciding Which Course Theme Your Student Will Love?

We asked kids, these themes are crowd favorites:

  • Aerospace

  • Geology

  • Chemistry

  • Genetics

  • Space

  • Marine Biology

  • Physics

  • Human Biology